HarborLink Network has been at the forefront of the wireless networking industry ever since our inception in 1998.  Initially, the idea was to bring connectivity to under-serviced venues like marinas (hence the name HarborLink).  However, we soon discovered that much of the industry was not being run the way we felt it should and a new model was developed in 2002.

An article was released by the Gartner Group sometime around 2005 that detailed the players in the public Wi-Fi space.  In that article, HarborLink Network was listed as a "pioneer" because we were one of the first networks that were designed to be free to the end user.  Back before then, Wi-Fi networks were seen as similar business models as your cell phone or internet service.  Pay a monthly fee for a block of usage minutes.  The problem we saw was that people were being asked to pay for a service that they couldn't take home nor was it always readily available elsewhere.  We saw Wi-Fi as a way for venues to offer an amenity service that would entice customers to come to their location, resulting in increased revenues and higher customer satisfaction.  It worked.  Eventually almost everywhere you go now has free public Wi-Fi available.

True to HarborLink's pioneering nature, we didn't stop there.  To this day, we continue to be on the forefront of new technologies and new ways to bring more business to our partners while providing the best-in-class service that our end users demand

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